Friday, April 22, 2011

Taiwan Trip [28Dec-04Jan2011]

It's been 3 months++ since I came back from Taiwan! Hahahaha! And finally here's my blog entry.. I've divided the Taiwan post into 8 different categories:
  1. Yoho Beach Resort
  2. Luminous Hot Spring Resort & Spa
  3. Shangrila Leisure Farm
  4. Sun Moon Lake & Wen Wu Temple
  5. Fireworks!
  6. Night Market Nom Noms
  7. Chuifen Old Street
  8. Hair Dye!
Woah it's super time consuming! I think it's easier to dump all the photos on Facebook.. Hahaha!

I didn't divide into the number of days like Day 1, to Day 8.. cos that's too tiring. :P Hope you enjoy it! ^^

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